Liverpool Rocks

The Archaeology of the Liverpool Music Scene

Liverpool New South Wales and Liverpool England may share the same name but when it comes to who has produced the most outstanding prestigious musical talent there’s no contest. The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Searchers, Cilla Black, Echo & the Bunnymen, A Flock of Seagulls, Teardrop Explodes, OMD, China Crisis, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Dead or Alive, The La’s, Lightning Seeds, Ladytron, The Real People, the Zutons, The Wombats and many hundreds more bands says that Liverpool has the most incredible record of not just producing great bands, but their members were responsible for writing some of the most memorable and popular songs ever written.

That’s not to say our Liverpool hasn’t produced some talented musicians and produced some darn fine music over the years. Take a journey through Liverpool music archaeology by watching and listening to some of best artefacts that we’ve found on YouTube.

Elmtree. Rainbow

Elmtree was formed by a bunch of school friends in Liverpool around 1968. They
recorded Rainbow as the A side and an original tune called Lonely Nights as a B side.
Elmtree played with this line up until 1970. Elmtree was John Paul Young’s first band
and also doubled as Ted Mulry’s first backing band.

Jupiter. Jazz Rock

Liverpool jazz rockers Jupiter formed in 1976. Ron Mazurkiewicz and
Philip Edwards had also played together for many years in Elmtree. The band had
been through many incarnations and was heading towards a more Jazzier Fusion
focus. They needed the talents of a great guitarist and found the gifted Dieter
Kleeman who was playing with local band “Forever”. This is the long lost recording
of Jupiter, playing at Frenchs Wine Bar Oxford St Sydney. Once lost, now restored…
here is a glimpse of this dynamic entertaining band.

The Last Words. Animal World

Back in 1977, Singer Malcolm Baxter from Casula and Guitarist Andy Groome from
Miller formed The Last Words and recorded one of Australia’s first PUNK ROCK
singles ‘Animal World’. They headed off to the UK where the single reached
number 8 on the English Independent charts.

Lonely Hearts. Ambition

Originating from Green Valley in 1979, the bands original lineup consisted
of the Rooney brothers John and Michael, Tom Watson, Steve Brabeck &
Anthony Bautovich. In 1983, the band released the self funded single Ambition
backed with Tonight on the Waterfront label.

Doubt. Swimming

Recorded in 1984 by this Sydney based band founded in Liverpool, New South Wales,
Australia. Recorded at Wirra Willa Studio, Ingleburn, NSW Australia by Will Rout
and Produced by Malcolm Baxter and Doubt. Written by Joe Ierano; performed by
Sam Vartuli, Tony Algeri and Joe Ierano.

Statues Cry. Don’t Call this Love

This video was shot on Sydney Harbour in January 1985.

The Phenomenologists. Surfer Boy

Recorded at Wirra Willa studios Glenfield 1984 with producer Willi Rout by
local rock gods Dave Mclachlan and Glen op den Brouw. Unreleased single.

The Liverpool City Brass Band. Bandology

The Liverpool City Brass Band were formed in 1883. Here they are at Casula
Powerhouse in 2010 with an Afternoon with the Stars concert with the
“Bandology” concert march.